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Airya is the marketplace for audiophiles, gamers, producers, content creators and all-around tech enthusiasts. Curated by our team of experts and driven by the community. We strive to bring affordable tech gear to the masses.

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For audiophiles/producers:

Looking to upgrade your sound or curious about the latest piece of equipment? With Airya, browse our catalog of new and used audio gear and accessories from fellow audiophiles and producers. Our selection is specially curated for enthusiasts of quality sound.

For Gamers:

Pimp out your battlestation (computer setup) with accessories like mechanical keyboards, an ultrawide monitor, a dope mic for your Twitch streams or a GPU for your cryptocurrency mining rig. At Airya, we know that computer setups are important. 

For Content Creators:

Get the gear for your next vlog or short film. Big cam, small cam, action cam, drone. Get the perfect shot and the gear for your next YouTube hit.

For Tech Enthusiasts:

New tech comes in all shapes and sizes and is ever evolving. Discover the latest tech gadget to try out. 




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Found what you were looking for? Great. Purchase the item for its asking price or make an offer to the seller. Quality and high prices do not have to be synonymous. Feel confident in that all of the transactions for buyers and sellers on Airya is protected with PayPal protection

Sell your gear 

Don't let your gear collect dust. Flip your old gear into something new. Utilize Airya's tech focused audience to sell your equipment more quickly and efficiently, so you can upgrade to the latest and greatest. With the Airya app, we make the selling process as simple as ever. 


Curated selection

Airya is a tech community marketplace first and foremost. With a plethora of great equipment at various price ranges, how do you find the right products that fit your needs and price range?

That is where our expert curation comes in. Product feeds are placed into distinct categories and curated so that anyone with any budget can find the right gear at the right price.