Airy – An audiophile term used to generally describe sound of a piece of audio gear that is characterized as spacious, open or smooth and having a very extended high frequency response.

Airya [air-ee-uh]

Airya (pronounced 'area') was born out of the idea as an online marketplace specializing in gear for audiophiles, gamers, music producers, content creators and tech enthusiasts. We love music and we love listening to our favorite tunes on the best gear possible at the highest quality possible. Unlike other marketplaces, our focus is on audio, computers, content creation and tech.

Our catalog is new and used, and sourced from fellow tech enthusiasts just like you. As a result, you get great equipment and gear at unbeatable prices. 

We are headquartered in New York City and have a deep passion for music, sound quality, battlestation setups and content creation. We strive to educate the masses to seek better sound, beautify their desk setups, and to go out and create!

-The Airya Team